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Getting Help

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LOCATION of All Trainings

Alley Pond Sports Center
79-20 Winchester Blvd.
Queens Village, NY 11427

Open Trainings This Winter:

  1. Boys - K-3rd Grade Penguin Clinic
    Sundays 11AM to 12PM
    10 (1) hour training sessions
    Cost is $250
  2. Pure Shooting - Boys 4th - 9th Grade
    Sundays 10AM to 11AM
    10 (1) hour Training sessions.
    Cost is $250
  3. Pure Shooting  - Girls 4th - 9th Grades
    Sundays 9AM to 10AM
    10 (1) hour Training sessions.
    Cost is $250

  4. Girls - K-3rd Grade Penguin Clinic
    Sundays 9AM to 10AM
    10 (1) hour Training Sessions.
    Cost is $250
  5. Pure Goalie Training - Girls and Boys Goalies
    Sundays 8AM to 9AM
    10 (1) hour Training Sessions.
    Cost is $250


Session Dates:

  1. Sunday, December 3
  2. Sunday, December 10
  3. Sunday, December 17
  4. Sunday, December 24 – OFF
  5. Sunday, December 31 – OFF
  6. Sunday, January 7
  7. Sunday, January 14 – OFF
  8. Sunday, January 21
  9. Sunday, January 28th
  10. Sunday, February 4
  11. Sunday, February 11
  12. Sunday, February 18 – OFF
  13. Sunday, February 25 – OFF
  14. Sunday, March 4
  15. Sunday, March 11

All fees are Non-refundable for ANY reason.   This policy is in place so that Igloo does not incur loses for field rentals, insurance, equipment, uniforms, coaching, etc for scheduled events like tryouts, camps,  tournaments, showcases, and other events.    However, if you'd like to insure your registration fees for any event then read below.

To protect your event payment in the result of an injury, conflict, etc. we highly encourage you to consider purchasing Registration Saver, a new AIG product, to cover your registration investment for this event. If you have any questions, please call AIG directly at 866-690-6859. They are open and available for questions concerning coverage and services 24 hours each day.

The cost is approximately 6% of total cost for the event and will give you relief from our “No Refund Policy” should an issue occur. There are no deductibles for these policies.   This way if the event is cancelled you can get a full refund from the third party insurance company.  

Igloo has in no way a relationship with this insurance company and can not be held accountable for its policies and procedures.  We merely disclose this company to you for your benefit.   We do not endorse any provider at this time however this is the only provider that offers individual event insurance that we could find.



By registering Your Child for any Igloo Lacrosse event, training, camp, clinic, etc. your fully aware that Lacrosse is a contact sport and that no equipment will fully protect your CHILD from all injuries.  You will not hold Igloo Lacrosse, Inc. liable for any injury that may occur while attending any of its events and trainings.  Igloo will provide the safest possible conditions within their control, as it is our biggest concern.  It is up to the player's guardian, parent, or person who brought your child to the event to make sure they are fully equipment and dressed properly for each and every session.  As the guardian you fully understand that accidents and injuries may occur and approve to have your child participate with this full understanding.